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One BMW M IsJust Not Enough.

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You’ll be hard pressed to find a bigger BMW M fan than Kester Tan. Buying not one, but two BMW M cars in the span of 12 months is testament to that. We sat down with Mr. Tan to hear what drives him and why he chose BMW M.

Kester Tan

Tell Us A Little About Yourself.

My name is Kester Tan, and I’m a car and motorsports enthusiast; when I’m not occupied with work or family, I like to unwind by reading up on the latest motoring news or following the Formula 1 races. For work, I handle business development for our family office in Singapore. I used to travel frequently, something I enjoy because there’s something exhilarating about exploring another country (preferably with cold weather). But ever since becoming a father, I now spend most of my free time with my son — we like to go on what we call our little “adventures”. I believe that a happy family is the foundation of a happy and fulfilled life.

Kester Tan BMW M Cars

When did you start taking an interest in BMW M cars?

My family has been supporting BMW for a long time. Driving an M seemed like a natural progression. BMW Ms are iconic and have a motorsports heritage that runs deep in their road cars.

What finally made you decide to purchase the BMW M3 Competition and the BMW X3 M Competition this year?

I was looking around for a sports sedan that was both practical and fun to drive. The new BMW M3 Competition was launched during this time, and I found it to be exactly what I was looking for. The BMW X3 M Competition does the job of what a family SUV is supposed to do, plus all the power.

How has your experience as a member of the BMW M Club been?

I’ve not only reconnected with some old acquaintances but I've also made new friends through the M Club. I find the camaraderie among the members heartening, especially during the pandemic. Most of us in the club are business owners, and it is encouraging to see how we all support each other's endeavours during these tough times.

Aside from your current BMW M cars, is there any other M model that you have your eyes on?

Honestly, I want them all! But realistically, I wouldn’t mind the BMW M8 Competition Coupé, the new BMW M4 Competition Convertible and the yet to be released BMW M2.

Name 3 things you look forward to in a BMW M Car and/or with Performance Munich Autos?

1  Power 2  Reliability 3  Top-notch customer service

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